Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Slice of Paradise

Today was a long day. There was no practice as today was just sign ins, but nonetheless it was long. What made it longer were thoughts of an event that happened yesterday. I have an article written on it, but I am not sure if I want to share it as I feel so strongly on the matter.

There was a respite from this when, during a food and supply run, we made our way to the top of a lookout that I forget the name of. I took the following photo with my phone:

I wish I had a better photo, but I don't so you'll just have to know that the valley seen is the Phoenix metro area. The elevation on this lookout is 2300 feet is a place that I will try to describe, but will probably fail.

Yesterday on the flight out I was mad, depressed, and angry. Why? Hopefully I will share with you why but being atop this lookout made everything just a little bit less harsh. To me, being atop Phoenix, was a freeing experience. The world looks so peaceful when atop a peak like that and I could have sat up there for hours.

To me, seeing the world in this way is nothing short of beautiful. Seeing the world from afar makes the problems of the day and the emotions of yesterday seem less harsh. They are still there, but to see some much of the world above, well, I don't know, it just gives me a different perspective.

Tomorrow will be practice and heat races for the USAC .25 series and I am excited. The track is literally in a state park and I don't know if there is a more scenic place to flag a race. The emotions of yesterday will still be with me, but tomorrow I will be at my most favorite place in the world and that would be a race track.

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