Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts From the Road

It occurred to me as I neared Nashville that I had not been through this town since 2003. It was December and I drove down to the Orlando area to drive a late model at USA International Speedway.

The trip I had to Florida those years ago was the trip that I mention when I talk about the time I saw three kids goofing around and my realization that I was different. Before that time I thought it was everyone else, I mean back in school I thought everyone else was odd for not wanting to know everything about the weather.

Once my trip to Florida was over I drove home but the drive home was much different than the drive there. My world, as I knew it, was changed. At the time I did not have a name for it and was replaying many events in my life. Again, I knew not what I had, but I knew there was something.

Driving into Nashville rekindled the emotions I had back in 2003. It was weird though because the last time I drove through I was questioning my ability in life and was worried about, well, everything; especially the future. I had impressed the people in Florida with my driving ability, but with my questioning of myself it was of little gain. Now though, as those emotions were felt once again, I felt them with a smile. The last time I drove through here I was confused, what I had was not named yet, and I was depressed. Nearly eight years later much has changed. I was worried about the future but now I don't. I questioned my ability but now I am confident it what I can do and know there are challenges. Yes, much has changed, one thing that hasn't though? The traffic in Nashville! It took 45 minutes to go a mile just like it did in 2003!

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