Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Twists and Turns of Aisle 17

What would a month be without a story from the grocery store? Perhaps a good one? In any case, once again, an event worth writing happened this morning on my daily trip to the grocery store.

This morning I had to also buy a couple of padded envelopes so after I picked up my carrots I walked to the other end of the store to pick up the envelopes. Being distracted by the book section as I looked at the odd cover of some of the current best sellers I walked right past the envelopes. I turned around, picked up a couple, and proceeded towards the checkout aisle.

As I got to the end of the aisle I noticed a rack of shirts to my left. They were green, had a four leaf clover on them, and had the words, "Feeling lucky?" on them. I instantly remembered writing my Saint Patrick's Day story from last year and had a slight chuckle.

I was walking with a brisk pace and as I turned the corner I heard a slight clinging noise. I thought nothing of this and did not take the time to look behind me. A half second later I heard, "sir" and then as I continued to walk, "sir? Ahem, SIR!" (I interrupt my own story to say that the word "sir" looks really weird. Don't you think? Now back to my regular programming.)

I know nothing good comes from a 'sir?' that changes to a "SIR!" My anxiety level pegged instantly and I feared the worse. But what was the worse? This I could not calculate but I knew something awful was going to be seen as I turned 180 degrees to see what monstrosity had happened behind me.

I turned around, very slowly I might add, and saw an older man looking at the floor. When he noticed that I had turned around he said, "Aren't you going to pick up that shirt? I just wanted you to know that the shirt fell of the rack as you walked by."

The noise I had heard was indeed one of those "Feeling lucky?" shirts falling to the ground. I was walking with such a brisk pace that I guess the wind knocked one over. I don't think I made contact with the shirt as I turned the corner, but it might have occurred seeing how I have a habit of running into things.

I walked over to the shirt and put it back on the rack, but this was done on autopilot as I still was in a state of shock from the initial sirs that were said. I then turned back around and headed to the checkout aisle completely frazzled.

It is amazing to feel just how fast the anxiety level can go up and the feelings of fear felt. I obviously don't know what it is like to not be on the spectrum, so I wonder if it is common to go from "all is fine" to "it must be the end of the world". There is no middle ground. I wish in a situation like this I could turn around with a sense of curiosity as to why I am being called instead of turning around thinking life as I know it is going to be over. In any event I do think Saint Patrick's Day got the last laugh in on me after last year's article. And no, to answer the shirt, I don't feel lucky.

My blog tomorrow may be put up in the evening. Tonight I fly to Phoenix to flag the first USAC .25 race of the year and I don't know my schedule so I will either get a blog up in the morning or more likely the evening. I have been waiting for this weekend for some time as finally it is race season!

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