Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Home

This feel quite odd! I'm not talking about the sneezing I'm still enduring, but rather the face of simply being home. So far these 22 days of April have been the fastest days of my life. It seems like five minutes ago I was driving to Lebanon on March 31st for that presentation.

As fast as these days were they surely are my favorite days of my life! The amount of travel, amount of people talked to, and the stories I heard from those in attendance reiterated the fact of the need out there. I don't know what I do in my presentation, but I am coming to realize that people truly listen to what I have to say.

With all this being so it feels so weird to be home. After 22 presentations this month and hotel after hotel it is almost impossible to describe the odd feeling of waking up and knowing exactly where I am. It's also weird not having to worry about my GPS getting me lost down Pig's Hollow Road, or if I am going to be early or late, or what fast food place to eat at.

In the coming weeks I will be playing the travel game again with trips to Tucson and the L.A. area coming up. And of course tomorrow, regardless of I am feeling, I will be throwing out the first pitch at the Saint Louis Cardinals baseball game. So, while it may feel weird to be home, I better enjoy this because next week I am gone again.

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  1. Ah, it seems like you're starting to understand why I love organising events so much! How is this related? Because I have to worry about similar things as well. How do I get there? Where do I sleep? Do I perform well? Did I say things right? Etc. But in the end you know you did a great job and it grows so much on you, you just want to go back! Oh I certainly know the feeling. No matter how much you curse on wrong information and stuff like that, the satisfaction of having accomplished something makes it all worthwhile. :)
    *longs for the upcoming event, which for me is the biggest event of the year*