Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The End of Bowling

Last night was the final night of bowling for the season and it is always a difficult time for me. I am thankful that after taking a year off my wrist held up, but at the same time any end of a routine is rough for me.

Right now it sort of feels like the end of the school year. Granted, I did not like school at all, but nonetheless when the school year was over I felt a void within me as the schedule changed.

Monday nights until September will be awkward. The weekly trip to Fortel's won't happen and I won't have the usual time to socialize. I could join a summer league, but that would mean a new team with new people and I'm not the biggest fan of anything with the word "new" in it.

I love routines and never know exactly what to do when they're over. Last night I sat in a fog and couldn't believe that it was over. I must have said, "But we just started!" at least five times (we started in September).

By the time September does roll around I will have adjusted to life without bowling and the the first few weeks will have the same fogginess as the next few weeks will have for me now. I'm sure everyone likes their own routines, but for me I believe the urge to keep them is stronger and the responses when they go away is stronger as well. There in one good thing about not bowling though and that is I will have no more fights with the 10 pin until September.

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  1. I found your blog through Chameleon on the Spectrum. My seven year old son has autism...each season we go through a transition...you help give me insight as to how he might feel.....thank you!!!!!