Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Want Candy... Or At Least I Used To

An odd thing has happened over the past year or so. Growing up I was a candy fiend. Skittles, Smarties, 3 Musketeers, and anything else in the Candy aisle was a one way ticket to bliss. Without realizing it though, times have changed.

In about an hour I will be headed out with Matt, TouchPoint's Community Liaison, to do a lunch and learn with doctors. We will stop at a grocery store to pick up the lunch and when we do I always take a stroll down the candy aisle, but the result is always the same.

As I walk down the candy aisle it is like I am telling myself, "I know I used to find this aisle enjoyable, but what was it?" I'll look at the Skittles, the Starbursts, and I apologize if you now want candy but I will also look over the candy bars with absolutely no interest in them.

This isn't to say that all candy has been banished. I currently have a bar of Lindt chocolate that has chili pepper in it. I enjoy that with a glass of milk, but I eat it slowly at one square a day so this is certainly not like the days of old when I could devour candy bar after candy bar.

Why the change? I don't know because I didn't consciously go, "You know, I think I no longer want to have candy." This is probably a good thing, but every time I go into a 7-11, or a grocery store, I look upon the aisle in awe, much like I did when I was a child, but this awe is an awe of, "What did I like about this aisle? Only if I could remember."


  1. Aaron, if you could figure out just what happened to change your attitude toward candy, and assuming you could somehow teach others the same thing, you would become a billionaire. It sounds to me as if you are more aware of your body than non-aspergers people are, and because of aspergers you listen (even if it is on a subliminal level) to what your body wants. I learned to ignore my body's cues and override my desires so that I no longer feel safe in the candy aisle because I crave it so much.

  2. I rarely buy any because if I don't eat it within 5 minutes myself, my kids will. If I hide it for an daughter will sniff it out and eat it anyway.