Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Nerves: A New Audience

Later today I will be talking to a new audience. I am rather nervous because I know how to present to parents, and I know how to present to teachers. However, today I am giving my presentation to a psychology class at a university in California and I am feeling nervous.

I have gotten to a point that I don't get nervous anymore. There are no butterflies in the stomach, no jelly legs, and no racing thoughts. It is truly and simply, "start talking and continue until end". Today isn't that easy because I am wondering if I need to change any of my words or any of my examples.

In the end I believe I will keep everything the same, but that doesn't prevent the debate that is raging right now. I wonder though if my words will be heard. Will they have an impact? I guess we could call this, "trying something new" and as usual there are so many thoughts and fears with the unknown.

I know I will think myself into a frenzy, but regardless I am about four hours away from this presentation. If I get the chance to do this a 2nd time elsewhere the nerves won't be as great, if at all, but today is a new experience and a new audience.


  1. I'm sure you'll do just fine =) And this is a great opportunity to tell people something they might not already know, contrary to speaking with parents or teachers. A new audience with fresh minds is a good change up.

  2. As someone who has done guest lectures to OT students and presented in front of OT professionals, if you do it with a balance with facts, concepts, and personal experiences, you will be just fine. That said, I know someone like me will have slightly higher expectations than you because the audience knows that I know OT terminology and theories. So, a generic level doesn't really work.