Monday, May 2, 2011

The Road Continues

Today I will be headed to the Los Angeles. I have never been to the area, but I have always been confused with the way Californians mention road names. I know, this is an odd thing to write about, but time and time again I have to pause and think about why they say, "The 10" or "The 405".

I'm used to saying "I" to designate interstates, such as "I-70". If  talk about roads at all with people from LA I have been warned that if I say "I" to name a road I am going to get a blank stare. Although, as I have thought about this, I bet I'd get the same reaction in Saint Louis if I started to give directions. Let's say I had to give directions to TouchPoint. If I told someone to catch "The 64 to the 170" I know I would have a confused look looking back at me.

It will be interesting to see if there are any other small differences in road talk. I'll find out as I get in this evening around 9PM. I'll have some presentations this week in the LA area and a USAC .25 midget race to flag this upcoming weekend.

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