Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taking on a New Phone

Yesterday I had had enough. No more was I going to go through life with a serious case of phone envy. Seeing everyone else access Facebook via their phones, and answer e-mails on the fly, well, I wanted to be part of that in crowd. Oh, and the Wheel of Fortune game looked mighty slick too.

So yesterday after I returned home from Indy, and another round of severe thunderstorms rocked the city, I went to the cell phone store. I had talked long and hard with people I know about what I should get. Some said the Windows phone, some said an Android (I could not get past that scary green robot logo thingy. Truly, why is it smiling and what is it plotting?), others said iPhone, and no one said Blackberry. What did I decide on? Wheel of Fortune was the deciding factor.

A couple of months ago a bowler on my team was playing Wheel of Fortune. I call spinning wheels, "sensory candy" and I was transfixed with the awesomeness of that wheel on a phone. Because of this the iPhone won the chance to be my new phone replacing my three year old Blackberry without a data plan.

But... it isn't so much to want the phone, one must go get the phone. I usually mention my loathing of walking into stores during my presentations and I paced, truly paced, for an hour wondering if I should make the trek down to the cell phone store. "Should I? Shouldn't I?" was the only thoughts on my mind, and at 3PM I went.

Arriving at the store was awkward as a staff member opened the door for me. I was so off guard for this I mumbled something. Was it "thank you"? I don't think it was as I made some noise that could not be mistaken for words.

The door opener lady then asked for my name and phone number and why I was there. I have heard of people waiting several hours for service there, but the weather had scared people off and I was instantly greeted by a sales associate.

Here came the tricky part; sales pitches. I wondered how I could get what I wanted without having to hear pitch after pitch. You see, I am defenseless with pitches.I won't give in to them, but I won't state what I want either. Once the pitch game begins I just nod in an noncommittal fashion until they offer up what I want.

This go round the opening question was, "What exactly are you looking for?" And with that question it empowered me. No offers of Windows phones, no looking at goofy green robot thingys. Since it was direct I was too and the process began.

Once the phone was chosen now came the choices. "White or black?" It took a while to answer that one as I weighed the pros and cons of each. "What does a color represent about the user? Which one looks nicer? Oh, wait, I know nothing about either of those questions so let me go with the... well... ummmmmmmmm."

After a heated debate with myself I went with black. Now came option for a carrier case. It never really was explained why I needed one except if I somehow manage to drop it in a lake it is supposedly waterproof. As I was looking for cases I was informed about the bundle plan that included chargers and a $50 credit to the app store itunes thing. To avoid further questions and life changing decisions I went with the bundle.

Once the bundle was chosen the rest of the process was seamless. They even transferred my photos from the Blackberry to the iPhone which was major because the photos I have mean a lot to me whether it is the last photo I took of Siam the cat, or the photo from Santini's in Reston, VA, and to the trip to New York City in 2009. My life truly began to life I have now when I got that phone in December 2008 and I was thrilled that my memories would be able to stay intact.

It's been 22 hours now since the purchase and yes, my first purchase on the phone was Wheel of Fortune. This morning, however, I had my Blackberry in my computer bag, as I have to manually move my calendar over, and its alarm went off. As I turned onto Brentwood Blvd. I realized that this ringing of the alarm quite possibly could be the final time I hear my alarm. This greatly saddened me. Even though I wanted the change, thinking that the music I woke up with for over two years was now going to simply be a memory. I have looked and looked for that song, but I can't find it on the iTunes store. Maybe there's still hope in being able to transfer the song, but I fear it is a Blackberry only ring tone. In any event I have a fun afternoon of getting my calendar filled on my new phone and this evening I am involved in a discussion after the showing of the movie Adam.


  1. Congratulations on your new phone Aaron; it's a great choice. If you can find your Blackberry ringtone on the internet, you can put it on your iPhone as it allows custom ringtones.

  2. Hey Aaron, congratulations with you new Iphone! =D
    I had a great day today too! My boyfriend got drawn as 1 of the 40 people to have their wish come true at the railway! We got to ride at the track where they park trains (I don't know the English name for that), take pictures there, see the security tower from the inside, see the trainwashingmachine controls and the washing itself, sit first class in a high-speed train and go up a watchtower to make pictures from there!
    I know this has nothing to do with this blogpost, but it just made my day and I felt I had to share this with you. It's all pure bliss and I don't want to loose this happy feeling!

    Back on topic: About the movie Adam... What did you think of it?

  3. I am leaving now for the movie and hopefully it will make an interesting blog post tomorrow.

    Travis, are the ringtones on the net? I really want my annoyingly loud "beep beep... beep beep" for texts and the bachfugueDMinor for my alarm.

  4. If you can find your ringtone on the internet, you can use this site to convert it to a ringtone file to copy to your phone, as long as your phone supports custom ringtones.