Saturday, June 4, 2011

Behold! The Power of Kansas

I talked about my midnight drive on Thursday, but today, well, today I show you the ultimate proof of what Kansas can do. This blog will be short, but will certainly prove the point.

As I mentioned in a blog last year that talked about how I started flagging I got into flagging to avoid changing the oil in my kart. In other words, and I still am, I don't like being dirty... At all! However, when I flag, sometimes it can't be helped and today, in Hagerstown, I now know that I never have truly been dirty. Today I didn't recognize myself in the mirror, and tomorrow? I can't wait! When it comes to racing (my ultimate Kansas) I can push myself and I won't think twice about getting dirty tomorrow. Oh, before I show you the photo, you can watch the racing tomorrow (Sunday) at and click on the .25 section. We will start racing around 9:30 US Eastern time. So now, the photo:


  1. I'm proud of that dirty boy! But why didn't you Find Kansas when you were 12?

  2. Hahahaha Aaron's dad...I get that!