Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Internal Clock Woes

I've been in Indiana almost two weeks now minus the excursion to Maryland and I am having issues. These issues have created a sense of drowsiness and inability to go to sleep. It may be a minor thing, but Indiana's daylight savings time has got me annoyed.

When I grew up here it wasn't bad. This was due to the fact that until 2007 Indiana did not observe DST. So essentially part of the year we had Eastern time, the other half Central. If you want to read the history of time in Indiana, you can go to the Wikipedia page about it.

Yesterday my sister, nephew, and I went to a mini-golf place and when we left it was almost 9 in the evening and yet the skies looked as if it were 6. Living in Saint Louis we are on the Eastern side of the time zone so the sun rises early, but it also sets early. My internal clock is used to this and here, well, my internal clock has no idea what to make of this prolonged daylight.

I'm not saying that what Indiana has is bad. It's just that I'm not used to this and my body, which love routines and sameness, is having difficulties making the change. Thankfully this isn't as bad as when I went to Alaska in 2000 in the summer time. Where we were in Alaska the skies never got totally dark. The sun officially rose at 3AM, and officially set at 11PM, but still the sky had light. I was there for a week and did not get one night of good sleep because my body simply thought it was always the afternoon and I have never been a big nap taker when the sun is out.

I don't think this issue is isolated to me and perhaps being on the autism spectrum plays no part it this. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't but the fact remains that the 9PM sunsets have me confused. As a child I would have loved it, but I know I would have been confused if my parents told me it was bed time at 9 and the skies were still somewhat bright.

I will be in Indy for another five days and then I will be returning home. By then I might be in harmony with Indy's time zone and then when I get to Saint Louis I may go through the same thing, except instead of staying awake longer I may get tired earlier so the battle with the internal clock will probably continue and with all this change perhaps my internal clock is just flashing 12:00.

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