Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving Forward

Today is a day to move on. After yesterday's fiasco at the golf course I must look to what is coming and try to rid myself of the yelling, irate foursomes that got angry with me. Even though I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong I must convince myself that people can be mean without logic.

Even though meanness without logic makes no sense to me I have seen it throughout my life. It is in this that the world scares me. Emotions, in some, are not logical. If I see a situation brewing I can prepare myself, but for the sudden snap or sudden change in the tone yesterday on the course, well, it simply scares me because if it happens once it will always happen. There is no middle ground in spectrum thinking, sadly, and with each experience I have had with a tense situation, like yesterday, my guard will remain heightened for some time to come.

But today, today is a day to move forward. If I allow myself to fully concentrate on the fear, confusion, and frustration caused by yesterday I will descend into a dark place. And I must say, of all days, today is the best day to move forward!

Once again I am headed to the Indianapolis Speedrome and I will be the flagman! Hopefully this week the rain, lightning, and tornado sirens will all stay away. I love exciting blog posts, but I do have my limit. Looking at the forecast if any of that bad weather hits it will be nothing short of an act of God as the forecast shows a 0% chance of rain. Of course weather people are often wrong.

After tonight's race I will be riding with the USAC staff to Hagerstown, Maryland to work a race this weekend. The drive is around 9 hours and we will be leaving this evening. This may sound like a horrible way to spend my vacation, but I can't wait! I come alive within a closed vehicle as the atmosphere is safe and constant. No new people will join the conversation, and seeing how everyone is a race fan the nine hour drive will be, I'm hoping, a great time.

I'll get back to Indy sometime on Monday and of course I will be blogging from the hotel if they have wi-fi and I may be posting this weekend. Tomorrow's blog post may come in the evening as I don't know what the schedule is. Regardless, I can't wait for tonight and the weekend. It's going to be great!

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