Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out of Place

Three days ago I returned home from being gone for almost three weeks. Returning home for me is a time relief and a time for stress. Why stress? The unpacking game is something that always gives me a hard time because I have to unpack and make sure all of my things are exactly how I left it.

While I was gone the cable in the house failed for one reason or another and the cable guy came and had to get behind my television. I knew this but didn't think anything of it until I returned home and saw my television moved about a foot to the left. Also, items in front of the television were moved and once I saw this I didn't know what to think as I was flooded with emotions.

You would think something like this would not induce such a response, but it did; I turned into an edgy person that was very upset. I kept saying aloud, "I don't understand" because I didn't. I knew the cable guy had came, but I didn't understand why he didn't put everything back.

I love order and I love sameness. To come back and see that everything has shifted, well, it evoked all sorts of emotions. Again, as with yesterday's blog, I can't simply turn it off. Even though my area is an organized mess, I do know where everything is thanks to the organized part of the mess.

This isn't something I get angry over because I know most everyone else is immune to this type of response. I wish I could see the shifted room and feel no emotions, but this isn't the case. When I see the room every urge in my mind is telling me to return the room to the state I know. Sure, I can try and ignore it, but it won't go away.

I don't have too much to add on this, but I wanted to write this to describe the impact that a change in the environment can have.

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  1. Oh I usually don't really have that problem. Major changes (like new furniture) are usually told beforehand that we're getting them. Anything else in the living room simply isn't something I put there.
    About my bedroom: My parents, brother, sister and boyfriend and most friends all know that I hate stuff being moved around without my supervision and they abide to that. Also, they tell others if others enter my room without me being there. This way I know it rarely happens that something randomly moved in my bedroom, even if some random person passed by.

    I did have one problem this last year though. My parents decided they didn't like the house as it was anymore. They said this for some time, but didn't really do anything about it. Suddenly they were fed up and just started tearing down wallpaper, got a new couch and started changing the backyard (they're still doing that, only now I know what their plans are).
    One day I came home and saw this. I got kinda irritated with them, because they know I don't like that. They could've at least told me they were planning that. They sort of felt bad about it for me, but on the other hand: what was done, was done and they wanted to continue with it.

    So yes, I did have one major sudden change here I didn't like, but usually my parents don't do this. And my bedroom is off-limits for changes without my permission.