Thursday, June 23, 2011

The People I've Met

Earlier this month I blogged about meeting a person on the golf course who spoke of taking one's time on the golf course. That blog was called, "The People we Meet" but today I'm reflective on those that I have met in the past.

Maybe it was realizing that it has been two years since I went through TouchPoint's Parent Training that has made me aware of the passage of time. A big theme in my writings, at least in my book, is the absolute dread of the passage of time. Time equals change and since change is bad time is bad.

As I tried to go to sleep last night my mind was going full speed on remembering the people that I have met. Some of these people have been vital, others have been totally random. I thought back to the one semester I took at Saint Louis Community College at Meramac and I wonder where my college comp 101 teacher is today. I can remember her giving us reading material from this book that had essays from college students just like us and I always thought, "Wow! What would it be like to be one of those students that has had the chance to have other people read their work?" Never would I have thought but of my career and passion would be writing. I do wonder though if Mrs. Wilcox ever learned that I became a writer?

Not only did I think about my teacher, but what about the students that were in the same classes as I was? I tried and tried to remember names, but I'm not good with names. In fact, I am so bad with names that one of the final questions on a test in this music class was, "What is your instructor's name?" I combined his name with his secretary's name and missed it which my final grade in the class was a 89.9! That one question was the difference between an A and a B. I never have gotten over that.

Sorry, got sidetracked (truly that grade has hung with me), but I wonder if wondering about people we have come across in our lives is something everyone does regardless of being on the spectrum or not? It's a weird feeling because, at the time, I didn't and perhaps was unable to care or even give more than half-a-second of thought of those around me but now I want to know. I don't know why I want to know, and if I had an answer I might care for a while, or I might care for a tenth of a second, but right now I wonder.

Here's the thing that if I dwell on this for too long will certainly depress me and that is, think about it, everyday we cross paths with people. Some people stay in our lives a long time, some will be like that old man who spoke wisdom on the golf course, and then there will be a multitude of extras that have no speaking parts. With all these people, whether they are important or not, there may come a time that they are no longer around. For me, today, I wonder what happened to people in my college classes. This is somewhat common and at times when I find my elementary yearbooks I enjoy seeing how many former classmates I can find on Facebook.

Now I want to ask an interesting question; has this wonder I have explained always been around, or is this something that maybe the internet has fueled? What I mean is, how could one find another person, say, 30 years ago? Perhaps by dialing "0" and talking to the operator, but could they help you if you didn't know the town?

It's a different world now and the people we have met will, in a way, never truly be gone. I was born after the show "M*A*S*H*" was on television, but if I remember from reading about the ending the two main characters shake hands as one lives on the east coast and the other the west and they both know that they will probably never see from or hear from each other again. In this day in age this is a lost concept on the youth of today, and perhaps everybody now.

So I've probably gone on a nice ramble today. While in the previous paragraph I said people will never truly say goodbye this is different for me as I never said hello to anyone else in that one semester I spoke of. I still wonder what became of them and just because I didn't speak to them and I didn't interact with them, well, they were still part of the world I was in. I often will not speak to those around me, but I am fully aware of their presence. I may not look like I am listening, but I am much more observant that you'd think. I am a sponge of the events and sayings around me, but most of the time I retain it all and don't interact.

I do speak more than I used to (I mean this outside of presentations) but still I wonder who all those people were whether they are the people I had in college, or maybe my grade school teachers. As I said on the, "The People We Meet" article it is important to have a good face on all the time because, even though we live in a Facebook world, there just may be the chance that someone can't get in touch with you and someone, someday, may have a sleepless night and be thinking back on their life remembering who was important to them, who were the extras, and who were the villains (I had to keep the movie lingo going).


  1. Oh I have that too. But I have Aspergers too, so I can't tell you if people outside the spectrum have it.
    At the moment I really want to check back with my mentor from the bakery school. I'd love to see how he's doing. And actually, I COULD go and see him. It's a 20 minute train ride and 15 minute tram ride. Easy.
    Only, I don't know what to tell him about my own life. "Well I didn't get to be a pastry baker. Actually, I didn't find a new study either. Even worse, I'm getting government profit and have a jobcoach helping me search for a job. Yea..."
    When I think about that I feel like I failed in life and don't know how to address that to the one mentor I've looked up to a lot. This is kind of depressing me lately. All the hopes other and myself too had for me and then seeing where I'm at... I don't know...

  2. I had the extreme honor of hearing you speak today in Cape Girardeau, MO!!! I have lived in five different states and have NEVER heard a more informative yet humorous speaker in my whole career:-) I can only hope you continue this "race" in getting this message out to as many people as possible!!Even if you are not "driving a car" in this race-you are definitely a "driving force" in this race!! Thanks for an amazing and memorable presentation!