Thursday, June 9, 2011

When I Go I Go All Out

There have been two things this vacation that I have been highly interested in. The first is chess and as the title says, when I want to do something I just don't do it a little but rather I go to a point some people may say it is overboard.

How bad has my chess fix been? Yesterday I played the Xbox version of Chessmaster for a good four hours all the while playing the app on my phone where I am in 10 games at once. Today is looking like another chessathon type of day!

The second thing that got my attention happened in an odd way. It started two weeks ago when I was coming back from somewhere towards my sister's house and on 156th street there is a trail crossing with flashing yellow lights. I thought nothing of this and as I was about to pass through a bicyclist appeared from behind the bushes and just about ran into my car. You'd think the outcome would have been different, but I thought right then and there, "I want a bicycle!"

So two days ago I went to a sporting goods store and looked at bikes but the prices there sort of made me cringe. I wanted a bicycle but at this point in time the desire didn't outweigh the price.

Then yesterday I went to Target and saw a decent bike, or at least I think it was decent as I have no idea what I am looking for, for half the price. Without a second thought we were wheeling the bike to the counter and I was the proud owner of a bike.

As of now my hope is to build up to being able to do a one-day long bike ride. Will I get to that point? I'm not sure. So long as it stays as one of the suburbs of Kansas I might. But, should it get fall out of Kansas I may look at it and wonder, "What was I thinking?"

These interests come and they go. I still have no idea why one subject or activity becomes and interest and others don't. Furthermore, I don't know why certain things that are interests become boring. Whatever the case whatever is the interest today will be thought upon like nothing else and when it no longer is an interest I could care less about. We shall see if this bike phase lasts, or if I'll have another thing to put down on the list of former interests.

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  1. I do this on the internet. At this moment I am hooked on your blog, while neglecting the other things I usually do. My friends are sending reminders on all my scrabble games, battleship games, mancala games. I'm about a week out of touch on Twitter and kind of hit and miss on FB. The only other thing I'm doing is the mindless addiction of Candy Crush...where I don't have to think anything..