Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Day of Supreme Bliss

It's going to happen again! I was so excited last year and truly last year was one of the best four days of my life, but it's going to happen again. Not only that, it starts today!

Yes, USAC's Mopar .25 midget series returns to the hallowed grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For me, there is nothing like the grounds of IMS. The Indy 500 was just a little over a month ago and it is such a thrill to go back to the grounds.

The feeling I have today is radically different than last year. When I say I had no idea what to expect last year that is no understatement. I had only flagged karts and had NEVER flagged an oval race and here I was being thrust into the marquee event of the year.

This year I will be making the drive with confidence. I have toured the country this year with this series and now know what to expect. Instead of being nervous and thinking and rethinking each call and each flag I will do it from a sort of autopilot, or rather without thought.

I think that is an interesting line, "without thought" because everything I do I think, and think, and think about it. This is one of the things that holds me back socially because I process and over process. Others make conversation seem so instant whereas for me it takes longer. It's in this gap that I feel the most uncomfortable. However, with certain tasks and events such as games I bypass this processing thing. Remember though that if you've met one person with autism you've only met one person with autism and what applies to me may be different. That being said I feel most at ease when in charge of the flags at these quarter midget races. The speeds may not be the 220+mph that is the norm on the 2.5 mile oval of IMS, but the action is just as frantic.

The next four days are going to be awesome and you should be able to follow the action live on USAC's Ustream page. Today is just practice and I'm not sure if the feed is up, but Thursday onwards will be racing.

I will write more tomorrow about the experience, but as for now I'm out the door headed to the greatest land in, well, my world.

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  1. As I said in an earlier comment, read a book or two on the concept of mindfulness, you will find it interesting.