Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding Kansas: Living and Decoding Asperger's Syndrome

I've known about this for some time, but it still doesn't seem real! I've constantly tried to make a comparison to what this is like. I mean, is this the pinnacle? Is there anything more? Is this one of those, "making it" moments? What is all this about? Well...

My book, Finding Kansas, has been out since November 2008. The publisher we used isn't a full on self-publish publisher, but they also weren't a New York City publisher. This isn't saying anything bad about them, but they also specialize in Christian books so my title was outside their normal range. Again, not bad, just different.

About this time last year an employee of a publisher in New York City inquired if I would review one of their new books on my blog. How did they find my blog? I don't know, but I said sure, but then I remembered I don't read other writer's material so as not to slant my writings. In any event I sent one of my books to her just as a thank you for sending me a book and I expected nothing from it.

There was no intentions of having anything good come from that sending of my book. I sent it just to send it. I sent it to have just one more person read my story and learn about the spectrum just a little bit more.

A few months went on and then, out of nowhere, the Editor-in-Chief of this publisher, Perigee which is a division of Penguin, contacted my dad with an interest of picking me up and re-releasing Finding Kansas.

My dad sent me the e-mail and I can remember being here, in my office, reading it and reading it and reading it. This is where I go back to the beginning of this post. Is this making it? Is this the pinnacle? All those nights of angst and all those sleepless nights of writing and now one of the largest publishing firms in the world expressed interest in me. In me? I remembered stating aloud, "But who am I to get this?"

2010 progressed on and near the end of the year I had a contract that was mailed to my house. I could hold it, I could see the logo of Penguin which is, well, fittingly enough a Penguin, and it still didn't seem real. Then, just last week, I did my monthly Google search of myself and found this. Already you can preorder the new edition of Finding Kansas on Amazon as well as on Borders.

I always thought that being published by a powerhouse publisher took years and years and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in agent fees to even get noticed. This turned out to be false, at least for me, and now, on April 3, 2012, my book will be re-released to the world and I hope that with a much more attractive price the world will get to hear my story. After all, it was that concept that started this chain of events as I sent a book to New York with the simple idea of having one more person learn of my story.

The current edition of my book is still available for a limited time. My stock is going to be running low and I will be ending online personal sales of my book. It still can be found, but by October I do believe it will hard if not impossible to find. Should this happen you could always help the presales.


  1. Applause, applause, applause! Love you, my nephew and Godson, Auntie M

  2. Congratulations, Aaron. I'm very excited for you, and I can't wait to read the book.

  3. I'm so happy for you! Seriously, stop posting such big blog posts when I'm busy. XD But no for real, congratulations, this is great!

  4. You aren't going to like Thursday's post then.

  5. After I have finished here I will be finding your books..