Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Coping Continues

Last week I talked about the way I felt and that sleep didn't help. Well, the trend has continued. It has been truly rough and sleep is almost useless as well as food. It's weird, I'll eat a big meal and then instantly be hungry again.

Another thing I have noticed during this phase is that special interests are popping up like a spring time thunderstorm. Many last just for a few hours, but one that hit Monday of last week are board games. Yes, I know I have always loved them, but not to this level. I've done research on them, I've gone to a board game store in the South County Mall twice, and even bought the most complex board game I've ever seen called The Battles of Napoleon.

It seems when my mind is trying to work something out, or something in the future is overly open-ended, everything in my life is amplified. Things that cause stress and anxiety are worse, but interests are even more interesting. The minimal middle ground in my life seems to disappear when I am not feeling all that well.

How long is this going to last? I'm not sure. I have a presentation tomorrow at the Police Academy so that will be great to get back in that ring (July for the 2nd year in a row is the slowest of the year) and then after that I get to drive 7 hours to go to Lakeville, Indiana for the USAC .25 midget race. Will this race give me that kick start? I sure hope so.

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