Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Date With Irene

It's going to an interesting weekend as my bags are now packed. I will be heading to this weekend's special event of the USAC .25 series. That's not the interesting part; the interesting part is where this race is.

Yes, this race this weekend is in Thompson, Connecticut and I am flying into Boston. My friend Ryan, whom I have been to the Indy 500 for the past two years and have raced with him online since 2004, will be picking me up, but here's the tricky part for me; my flight leaves Monday morning. That will be the approximate time hurricane Irene will be churning away in that area.

I'm no expert of aviation travel, but I believe airports close during hurricanes. Even if it hits on Sunday, there still will be delays the following day. So, a extended stay in New England you say? Hardly! On Wednesday I have a huge four hour presentation at a county conference that I CAN'T MISS! Not being there is not an option. Yet, I can't miss this race either as the airfare has been paid and I committed to it.

So, if there hasn't been enough drama this past month now we get to throw hurricanes into the mix. We may have a mix of planes, trains, and rented automobiles to get home should the airport system be in disarray, but one way or the other I will make it home from this date with Irene on time and make it to my presentation. I will say this though, if it's windy and hurricanish at Ryan's house we may just have my first on-location video blog as I go all Jim Cantore from the storm. The forecast? The eye of the storm is forecasted to go over his house inland. Should be interesting, but that's later, today I travel and hopefully it goes better than my last trip!



    Red line couldn't go more perfectly over my house!


  2. Why don't you just scare your mum to death?????? I love you.

  3. Mom, so I take it you disapprove with my date?