Monday, August 15, 2011

Driving the Weekend Away

Not since my Bejewled Weekend back several months ago have I been so enthralled in an activity. Truly it was the only thing I thought of during the weekend and every time I did something else I thought of going back to what I was doing. So, what was I doing? I've talked about iRacing in the past with this post as well as this one.

If you are new to my blog you might want to check out my glossary as I explain here that iRacing went from a Kansas to a hyper-Kansas. With my interests that are a Kansas I can step out of it, but when something goes into hyper-Kansas it is very difficult to break away from that activity.

Truly, I raced more on iRacing in this weekend that I think I did for any entire week that I have been a member. I did three F1 races @ 50ish minutes easy, two 110 lap modified races, six 25 minute GT races, many street stock races, and whole lot of practice.

While I still don't know why something goes from a Kansas to a hyper-Kansas I do know what it feels like. During a hyper-Kansas event it all but hurts to be doing something other than the hyper-Kansas activity. It's as if every cell in my body is magnetized and is attracted to that activity. Yesterday I was so enthralled with iRacing that lunch was just a distraction that I didn't have time for.

Looking back on my life I do know there is a vast difference between Kansas and hyper-Kansas. I have stated many times, and in my presentation the exact quote on my PowerPoint is that, "Kansas is that activity or interest a person on the ASD is obsessed with and, as my dad would say 'won't shut up about.'" However, when there is a hyper-Kansas amplify that statement. It becomes more.

When I was younger in school I can remember that when I learned about states and capitols I went into hyper-Kansas mode because I needed to know them. Also, when the game of flashcards came about I did everything I could to learn the multiplication tables to the exclusion of other subjects. When there is a hyper-Kansas other interests or activities that I do like are sometimes ignored.

So how long does a hyper-Kansas last? Usually they aren't a prolonged event; however, as of late my passion for driving has increased and since I am not in a position to drive in real life, what better way to satisfy that desire to drive than to compete against people all around the world on iRacing.

I do want to point out that I don't make a conscious effort to decide what does and what doesn't become a Kansas or a hyper-Kansas. With that being said, do I want the current hyper-Kansas to end? I have a mixed answer on this as it is nice to be able to think about other things and to have other interests, but on the other hand I can honestly say there is no better feeling that to be completely engrossed within the amazingly awesome confines of hyper-Kansas.


  1. Question... How in the world do you mix that hyper-Kansas with work?! As the biggest convention of the year is drawing closer, I'm having the hardest time concentrating on anything else but convention organising!
    But this means my work, but also all my other daily activities, suffer, because I can't put any heart into it anymore. I'm just doing them because I have to, but am doing them half-heartedly and seem to postpone a lot of activities which don't seem to be needed immediatly. All very bad habits, especially at work.
    Also... I find myself checking Twitter and my e-mail and that kind of stuff a lot, even at work, just hoping someone will send me some convention-stuff to work on, so I can look forward to doing that after work.
    I'd really love to know how you mix your life with hyper-Kansas, because I just seem to get depressed by anything besides conventions at the moment.

  2. Aaron? That question was directed to you... ^_^;

  3. I think I am fortunate in that I get to within those kansases and hyper-kansases so often. Because of that balance is easier. I'd write more, but typing on this iPhone is annoying.