Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Returning to the Road

This morning I am headed to the police academy for a presentation, and then afterwards I am headed to Lakeville, Indiana to flag this weekends USAC .25 Little Hoosier 100. Of all things I think this is the perfect thing for me to do right now.

My mind still hasn't made sense of the loss of the person I wrote about last week. Add on top everything else and my mind has been overloading itself. With that being so it is going to be great to do an activity that requires such concentration and dedication. Contrary to what conventional wisdom would say, but when I flag I am at my most relaxed state. There's a lot of pressure and perfection is critical, but being able to hyper-focus on an event or activity is such a liberating feeling.

Will the effects last next week? Only time will tell on this one, but I hope it does. The past week I have felt as if I have been lugging a 100 pound weight everywhere I go. I do hope having the weekend of on track activity, as well as being with other USAC staff people, I hope I go back to feeling my normal self.

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