Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Long Night

Last night was horrible! It started out with something I'm used to which is not being able to sleep. I wouldn't call that something out of the norm as this occurs once every two weeks or so. I've learned not to fight not being able to sleep or I won't be able to sleep for even longer.

As 1:15AM rolled around I finally headed towards bed and at the same time a minor headache was forming. At first it wasn't that major, but where it was hurting I found odd as it was at the back of my head at the base of my skull.

I don't know how long I was actually asleep, but that minor headache exploded into one of, if not the worst, headache I have ever had.

The pain was crushing and along with it came nausea and severe dizziness. I tried to just fall back asleep but this was futile. My fear that this was something serious started to pop up so I found a thermometer that for some reason was in my computer bag but it came back with a reading of 96.0.

Okay, so no fever, nonetheless I went upstairs and took some Advil and went back downstairs. Somehow, at this juncture, the headache became even worse. Light began to hurt and the sound of the air coming through the vent was like more knives to the back of my head.

I began to worry just what exactly this was. I used to have headaches all the time but this level of pain was uncharted territory. At 3AM I went upstairs and woke my dad as my level of concern was creeping up towards panic mode. I was expecting him to be somewhat upset with me waking him up, but there was none of that.

Quickly, he arranged the ice cast (I have no idea how to explain this) he has for his shoulder (he had a 2nd surgery on his arm about a month ago) to be put around the back of my head.

After playing doctor he came to the conclusion that this was a severe tension headache. Perhaps the stuff talked about in yesterday's and the ongoing stress from just everything in general led to this headache.

It took an hour, but slowly the headache ebbed to a point that I could try to go to sleep. It was a long night and the last time I saw on the clock was 4:15. I truly hope this isn't a sign of things to come over because without a doubt that was one of the worst feelings I've ever had. As I write this I just have a minor headache, more of an inconvenience than a true pain, but the fear is there that this too will explode like the one last night did. Hopefully it does not, but I won't forget last night for some time and the pain that was there along with the way my dad did everything possible to help me feel better fast.


  1. My daughter gets migraine headaches caused by stress and muscle tension. They are awful! I hope you feel better soon. The ice cast sounds like a good idea. Maybe I need to try that?

  2. It's actually called a PolarCare 300. You fill it with ice and water which is then pumped to a multi-compartment bladder that fits over my upper arm and shoulder. It's the most amazing medical tool I have ever used, apart, of course, from a match, needle, and magnifying glass for splinters.

  3. That sounds an awful lot like when I worry too much and my chronic fatigue also starts acting up, making my whole body stress out. Watch it, you'll find yoursef being sick in bed for days if you go push yourself now.
    Take it easy. Maybe write down exactly what all your worries are (not neccessarily here, just for yourself) and if you feel like it, discuss your worries. I'm just saying this, because it sounds way too much like one of the times when I'm headed for an hyperventilation attack. This is one of the signals how I know I'm headed there.
    Take some time to truly relax and lessen the worries you have.
    This might also work differently for you, I'm no doctor. But the description of it all worries me. I wouldn't wish the feeling of chronic fatigue to anyone else, so please watch out and take care of yourself.