Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving Day Set

The day has been set! October 8th will be the day I move from where I am, and have been for over eight years, to where I will be.

One reason this date has been set is because of my presentation and travel schedule (I'm going to New York City next week) and another reason is my friend Rob, from Vancouver, is coming to visit and my dad and I volunteered him to help out.

That day will be a day I never thought would happen in my life! What's it going to be like? I've already started some minor packing and, as much as I've traveled this year, it feels like I'm just packing for a weekend trip and not a true move.

Last night, as I headed down the basement stairs headed for bed, I recounted all the times I did that. Eight years is a long time and to think there is only a little over a week left. As excited as I am to move, am I going to be able to accept the loss of what is now? On top of all that Teddy the Yorkie has started sleeping on my bed in the mornings. He's been there for about two years and always sort of ignored me and now it's as if he's saying, "Don't go Aaron!"

It should be an interesting run-up to the 8th of October and I suspect I am going to do everything I can not to think about it!

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