Friday, September 23, 2011

A Place of My Own?

Oh my! To add to the big events that have happened this week (see yesterday's post) I now have an offer to move to a place of my own. This is something that at almost every presentation I get the question of, "Well Aaron, do you live on your own?"

To that question I always say, "I think I could, but up to this point in time I've never had the means to." Now, I have a place, should I take it, that I can afford.

I have a mix of emotions right now as this is something that truly just popped up while I was driving to Indianapolis. What had been just something that I could only think of in a hypothetical situation may very well happen.

In fact, it is all but a done deal. The key has been delivered to my dad and when I get back from the USAC events from Eldora I can start the moving process.

Is this going to be easy or difficult? I'm not sure as this is something that, well, has never happened in my life. I've always imagined that when I did get a place of my own I would become this hyper neat freak. What about food? I've already heard several jokes that I need to do a video blog while I cook and burn the place down. Sadly, I don't think that this would be that big of an exaggeration of my cooking.

What will become of this? Whatever does it should make for some interesting blog material!


  1. you'll do great! I would go for a microwave and get frozen meals to cook in it until you feel more comfy. I am a horrible cook, too. I get too distracted and stink at multi-tasking. I never seem to get cup-o-noodle wrong, though.

  2. Good on ya, Aaron! A place of your own is a great thing to have. Cooking skills improve with repetition. Start out slow and believe in yourself. All of us who read your Blog believe in you and rejoice in all your accomplishments.

  3. Oh wow Aaron! Since I'm thinking a lot about my future, which also contains 'having my own place', at the moment, I'd love to hear how things go!
    As for the cooking bit... Why don't you ask your parents to teach you some basic cooking skills (like baking meat, cooking potatoes, stuff like that)? Once you got those down, it gets easier follow recipes and maybe even coming up with your own ideas.
    Something easy to make that I usually like to make which still is a whole meal: Tortellini with pastasauce and cubes of ham in the sauce.
    Don't know if you like such a thing, but it's an easy meal. It's just 2 pans to watch over and only things you have to remember: Stir both the tortellini and the sauce frequently so it won't stick to the pan. Put in the sauce BEFORE you turn on the stove, or you'll have this weird vulcano effect (yes I've done that ><).

  4. I have lost count of how many times I tell my 17 yr old to "Concentrate and please don't burn the house down when I'm out." So far so good..