Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reliving The Past

The headaches persisted last night and I tried to go to bed early, but sleep was ever elusive. Instead of tossing and turning and getting frustrated I turned to my iPhone and began random YouTube searches of television themes of shows I used to watch when I was younger. One show led to another and this was truly amazing as I could remember a show, look it up, hear the song, and then head over to Wikipedia to see what all the actors and actresses are doing now.

We live in such an amazing time and I wondered how anyone got by 30 years ago. I mean, how could you find out what an actor from a show you liked 20 years prior is doing now? Perhaps it was the headache talking, but I was blown away at trying to think of a world where I couldn't look up anything.

One thing about this though is that I feel time is different now. 30 years ago if you missed a sensational sports play, or missed a series finale, you were pretty much out of luck. Now everything is relived over and over again whenever one wants.

For me, since my memory is videographic, being able to relive the past in this way is rather unique because I not only see the video, but I can feel the era that I watched it. I'm sure most people could do this to a degree, but I can see the room where I saw it, and can feel the emotions I felt at that point in time. There is a downside to this; the themes that got stuck in my head all those years ago are back.

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