Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Video Plea to Vote

Today we're in 4th, but we need to move up one more spot to finish in the money. Please take the time today and vote. You can vote 100 times a day from each email account you have. Make sure you validate the e-mail account or your votes won't count. Thanks!


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  1. Yesterday me and my physical therapist came to a very sad and ironic conclusion. It's sad and funny at the same time.
    In things where people can vote which good cause can gain extra help/money/whatever, you'll end up with the good cause which already has a lot of people supporting them win.
    This means, the group that already has the greatest voice, gets an even bigger voice.
    The group with the smallest voice obviously needs the biggest help to get a bigger voice, but will have a hard time winning a voting contest, seeing you need a big voice to gain votes.

    The most ironic thing here is: People with Autism need a voice and they get the chance to get this with something where you need a big voice.

    How do we make our voices bigger?

    Contemplate this.