Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Day at LaGuardia

If I were to that my yesterday was exciting, well, I'd be telling a lie the size of the Atlantic Ocean. Although, my morning had some drama as I woke up and thought, "Where am I?" After some memory checking I realized where I was and my day got duller from there.

At 10:50 I checked out of the hotel I was in and waited for the shuttle to take me to LaGuardia airport. My flight was at 6:26PM, but I didn't have transportation so my options were limited; I could either hurry up and wait in the hotel lobby, or do the same thing at the airport. I chose the airport because airports are one of my favorite places in the world and I love a good layover.

I also wanted to be really early because I have heard horror stories of the density of people at a New York airport. I was prepared for hours upon hours of feeling like a cattle being herded somewhere, but as I stepped out of the shuttle and through the automatic doors the security line was the first thing I saw. This may have been amazing if not for the fact that what was amazing was what wasn't there; people. There was no one for the most part and getting through security yesterday was the easiest I have ever experienced. Granted, I didn't have those mysterious items that are my flags (TSA agents always give them a good look)but still, I was through security within three minutes of entering the airport.

My arrival at the airport was so early that my gate number wasn't even on the displays. Because of this I wandered around a bit hoping to find some interesting shops, or find something to eat, but the shops were dull and the food, well, all the food and drinks were beyond the term of, "price gouging." How much do you suppose an 8.4oz Coke cost? $.99? Ha! $1.99? Nope. The actual price was $2.99! I thought I could hold out and wait until Saint Louis to eat, but at 1 I cracked and went to some grill where the burger I got was overpriced by at least a dozen dollars.

After lunch I had buyer's remorse, but there were no other options. Then, I went back to the only section that had power outlets and got on my computer and phone and waited for hours.

So as I said, the day wasn't thrilling, but my mind did have plenty of time to try and make sense of it all. I was still depressed about my lack of awareness of my surroundings the day prior and then I realized, over 24 hours from the event happening, that the person that led me back to the editor-in-chief was the person that I guess you could say, "discovered me." I was so oblivious to this fact that even when writing the post for yesterday I didn't realize it. What did I say to this discoverer? Did I thank her? Nope, not at all. In fact, after she started with, "How are you?" I don't think I said anything. At the time though I don't think I had processed that this person was who she was.

My mind then went off thinking about the whirlwind of a time the upcoming month is. So many major events are happening in y life and tonight may be the first night I stay in my new place. I never would have thought this.

With one hour to go in my boredom exercise I went to my gate and I noticed two people that look strangely familiar. "I know them" I thought, "but from where?" Then it occurred to me that these two were on the same flight I was the day before. I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm not the only one who spends less than a day in New York City." After that came doubt, "Surely these can't be the same people! The odds are so against it, besides, I don't remember people so how could these actually be the same?

I have mentioned multiple times that, in my conscious memory, I don't recall what people look like. However, the 2nd half to that sentence that I often forget to say is that I have a strong memory, most of the time, when I see someone that I've seen before. This was one of those times, but I had to be sure. To find out I decided I would ask, so ask I did. Without saying, "excuse me" or any other form of opening I came right out and stated, "You were on the flight from Saint Louis yesterday morning, were you not?" The two, whom I think were mother/daughter, looked at each other as if I were some misguided fortune teller, or a stalker, and after several awkward seconds the mother stated, "Why, yes we were, very good." and then went on as if I didn't exist. I was fine with that.

After that the flight left, I got home, or at least what is home for now, and that was that. I'm still angry at myself for the way the meeting went in my eyes, or rather I'm angry I didn't get to soak any of it in. I love New York City, but it was like I wasn't even there. Perhaps it won't be my last trip though. Here's to hoping!

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