Friday, October 14, 2011

The End of I-70

Okay, I must say I screwed up a bit on this video. First, I was in Utah as I shot this and not Nevada. Secondly, I wanted to mention that there is no fanfare, no plaques, no nothing really to mark this site. I did rush this, but if you read, "A Sit in the Grass" you'll know just how much I was pushing myself by doing this video blog.

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  1. For 26 1/2 years Aaron has lived in close proximity to I-70. Whether traveling east or west, the route began on I-70. As he said, when he went to the Derek Daly Driving Academy he came to the interchange behind him. If you have ever read Finding Kansas you will remember that it was like the end of the world for him.

    As I watched this vlog, I heard a word I have never heard. It comes at 1:14. I listened over and over, thinking maybe Aaron was practicing "creative vocabulary." He wasn't. Now maybe I just suffer from vocabulary deficiency, but "perseverate"?

    I googled it. In case you've never heard the word, here's the definition:

    per·sev·er·ate   [per-sev-uh-reyt]
    verb (used without object), -at·ed, -at·ing.

    to repeat something insistently or redundantly