Monday, October 24, 2011

The End of the Trip

On Saturday the drive home took place. However, the drive wasn't on my mind nor was the fact that, due to road closures, I would be going through Gordon, Nebraska, which is where my grandma lived. What was on my mind though was my health.

Over the course of Friday I had some sort of infection on my forehead. The rate it grew and the type of pain it gave me I knew all too well as this was mimicking the MRSA I had in 2005. Usually I am the last person that wants to go see a doctor, but I was more than willing, as I did not want another stint in the hospital like the five days I had in 2005.

As we pulled into the medical complex the words of the trauma surgeon that did the minor surgery to remove the MRSA in 2005 was ringing through my mind, "You will always be at risk; if you think you have it again don't delay as it is better to get it looked at and be nothing than it is to end up in the hospital again."

The doctor that saw me erred on the side of caution and he performed a minor surgery and took out the infection. Was it MRSA? I still don't know and will know today, tomorrow, or perhaps the day after that. Having that prospect looming made the drive home seem more relevant in a way.

It was weird driving through the towns I remember driving through as a child when we would go on vacation to my grandma's house. It was even weirder doing this with Rob. I mean, never in 1,000 years would I ever envision one of my friend's seeing the town I spent many weeks each summer in.

I felt compelled, as the sun was just making it's full presence known in the morning sky, to drive past where my grandma lived. It's been over a decade since she died, and I've only been in Gordon once since then, but everything was as I remembered it. With the events of that week, and now the potential health issues, I soaked every moment in.

Today, Rob is headed back to Vancouver and the real task of living in a place by myself begins. Today is a return to reality and my passion. It's a busy week for me. I have four presentations in three days. Each presentation is going to mean more to me. From the sad events in Vegas to the potential skirmish with MRSA, every day is a gift. I thought of this on the drive home and I want to do more than I am doing. I don't know how, but my dedication to raising awareness has increased. I thought it was at its highest possible level, but I was wrong.

This trip I had will always be remembered for the tragedy that I saw, but also for realizing that each day is a gift. I saw much of the land of America and saw many amazing sights, but also I once again found myself. If it sounds like I am going back and forth it is because I am. My emotions still are swinging and maybe the anticipation of finding out if it is MRSA or not is heavily on my mind. In any event I am back in my office and it's back to presentation mode tomorrow.

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