Monday, October 3, 2011

The Moving Begins and The Month That Will Be

So today, after my presentation in TouchPoint's parent training, I will be taking my first set of stuff to my new place. This still doesn't seem real even though I started the packing process yesterday. It's known that people on the spectrum don't like change and I think this is one of the biggest changes since, well, the last time I moved eight years ago. That being so, it is hard for me to even mentally acknowledge that this change is looming. Right now there is no fear, no hesitation, and no emotions either positive or negative.

What's going on with this lack of emotion? Perhaps it's this month that is upcoming that is higher on my emotional priority list as this very well could be one of the busiest months, and important, ever. It begins tomorrow morning as I will be on a plane to New York City to meet my publisher that will be rereleasing Finding Kansas in April of next year. I would have to think this would be every writer's dream, would it not? And yet, perhaps due to the move, I'm feeling minimal emotions about it. Perhaps this is me staying level headed, or not to get my hopes up as I've always been the type of person to not get excited about something until after the fact. And then again, maybe I'm just worried about getting through security as the past couple times have given me way too much to write about. The bottom line is that I know somewhere within me I am jumping up and down in jubilation about this trip and what it represents, but I probably won't acknowledge that until sometime next week.

When I get back from New York the pace increases as the moving process will hit full stride and then on Friday I go back to the airport. This time not to leave, but to pick up Rob, whom visited back in August/September of 2010 and has been mentioned numerous times on this blog.

Then, the pace goes faster as the next week I have two police presentations, and then a presentation on Thursday the 13th that has me more nervous than last year's USAAA conference that saw me on a panel with Temple Grandin. What is this one? I don't feel comfortable talking about that as of now, but it is to a closed audience of very important people.

Later that same day I will rush back to Saint Louis for a presentation at SSD and then the hecticness hits maximum velocity as at around 9PM Rob and I head to Las Vegas on what could be labeled, "The Great American Road Trip". It will be somewhat of a rush as USAC is having a special .25 race in conjunction with the IZOD IndyCar Series World Championship race being held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I'm going to miss Friday's on track action as we'll be somewhere in Colorado or Utah, but I should get there in time to flag Saturday's races and then attend the IndyCar race on Sunday. I've been asked, "You're driving over 1,600 miles just to flag one day of races?" I respond with simply, "Yes, you wouldn't?"

After Vegas we will be driving up to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit my mom and stay there until the weekend and then make the trek back to Saint Louis. Rob will then leave and then I have back to back presentations with the month being capped off with TouchPoint's Piece by Piece conference in Columbia.

It's going to be a long month, and exciting too, and it all begins tomorrow with a trip to New York City.

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