Monday, November 28, 2011

Back At It

First, if you missed Thursday's special Thanksgiving video blog you might want to check it out. For those that saw it I want to say that I had no idea my aunt was going to be in it. She just happened to "wander" as she put it into the shot and decided to go with it. It was done in one take so everything you saw just came naturally.

Today I am back in the office and back at it. In eight minutes I'm off to somewhere in the city to raise awareness at a school. I've been looking forward to today for about a week because I love what I do and when I'm away I think about that next chance to do present.

While I was gone my December filled up nicely. Last year December was the slowest month of the year, but not this year and that is so fantastic. It begins, however, right now so my time is up. The good thing is my car ride yesterday spurred a lot of blog ideas which for the past month writing has been difficult so that's very good.

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