Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chef Boyardee and Me

As a child there was no worse face to look at than that of Chef Boyardee. There he was, staring at me from the can while I loathed the minutes as dinner was about to be served. You see, I was, and still am, a picky eater and I didn't care for anything Chef Boyardee. My parents, however, used Boyardee's ravioli as sort of utility meal. If there wasn't time for something good, I mean, something else they broke out the Chef Boyardee. I will say it wasn't that I fully disliked the ravioli, but where was the stew, or pizza?

Since the days of my young childhood the Chef Boyardee ravioli, and entire line of food, have been out of the food rotation. Each time I walked down the supermarket aisle and I would see his face on cans I would instantly get a sinking as if I were back to my young childhood and I wanted pizza but instead there would be ravioli.

A funny thing happened yesterday. I went shopping for some more food and was walking around, aimlessly I might add, around the aisles. I then ventured into the aisle that had the Chef Boyardee products and then I got that same sinking sensation. But then I noticed that the Beefaroni was on sale. I have turned into a bargain lover since I have been living my own and I couldn't pass it up. In a way I felt as if I were betraying my lifetime of morals and ethics, but then again who doesn't like saving a dollar?

Yesterday evening I decided to bypass my shelves of soup and go straight for the Chef Boyardee. I laughed as I put it in because I know my mom, when she will find out about this (hi mom!) will laugh hysterically because this match up, Chef Boyardee and me, is something that she never would have imagined.

The food was better than expected, but the sauce was just as I remembered from when I was a child. I hated that taste when I was young, but yesterday the associative memory system kicked in and even though I was at my own place it was like family was all around. It was an odd feeling, and I felt as if I lost some sort of lifelong pact to hate Chef Boyardee, but last night I lost that pact. It's weird what the power of taste can do to conjure up memories and who knew that one simple can, with that smiling Italian Chef, could have so much power?

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  1. So funny indeed! It does make a difference when you are the one paying for it. I have a feeling that you are living by yourself you are going to become personal friends with the chef.
    Love Mummy