Friday, November 4, 2011

Conference Mode

It's been a while, one year to be exact, but Sunday through Tuesday I will be in conference mode as the annual Parents as Teachers national conference occurs.

I love conferences because of the interactions. It's hard to have a prolonged one-on-one conversation at one of my presentations, but some of the conversations this conference the previous two years have been amazing.

To be honest, I've been watching the months tick by looking forward to these upcoming three days. I see a conference as a challenge because there is that one-on-one interaction, but also because of the scope of conversation. If there is a conversation chances are questions will be involved and questions are my favorite aspect of anything I do because it makes me think. Sometimes answers are straight-forward and other times it requires a good bit of thought and those are the ones I like.

I don't know what more to say as I am so excited for Sunday to get here!

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