Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Most Thrilling Start in Racing (At Least From My Viewpoint)

It's just a week away! The 2011 SKUSA Super Nationals in Las Vegas start in just one week. Of all the days of the year I look forward to those five days the most. That isn't to say all the other events I do aren't as thrilling, but this is a five day event with a couple of the days being 14 hours long! Also, there is no bigger kart race in North America.

For the fourth time I will be the chief starter of the event and last year I used this picture to illustrate what I do there. This is a rolling start and for the entire field to have a chance to see me I have to be almost in the middle of the racetrack due to the slight turn that is there. In other words, if I were over to the side only the front row would see me.

I'd like to do one better this year and not only give you a photo, but this year here is a video of one of these rolling starts:

After seeing that I hope you understand why I call this the most thrilling start in racing although I'm sure any start would be this exciting if I were in the middle of the race track.

This will be the final race of the season and I still can't believe I've had the honor of flagging as many races as I've done this year. There aren't many things I enjoy more than flagging, and to have been able to do the SKUSA Pro Tour and the USAC .25 midget series has been a dream. As I've said many time on here, and in my presentations, when I was young the only thing I wanted to do was to race. There was nothing else. I would watch the races on television and be transfixed at the fact that one weekend they'd be racing in town A and then the next week they'd be across the country in town B. "That was living!" I thought. While I may not be behind the wheel I still found a way to be a part of the sport.

I still can't believe it is just seven days away. I'll be counting down the minutes and I'm sure, with this blog post today, my mom can't wait for it to be over. (she isn't a fan of the whole concept of me on the race track. I wonder why...)

There is one downside to this event and that is, when it is over, it is the longest amount of time before the next one. Also, this race marks the point that race season is over. I've lost count of the miles I've driven/flown and the amount of Monopoly games that have been played on my phone while traveling (Kyle, you are going down next year!) but I'm ready for more! It will be a long wait, but even before the 2011 season is in the books I'm chomping at the bit for 2012.


  1. I just don't understand why you would think your mother doesn't like you in the middle of the race track. I mean you could fall down, get hit and mess up your pretty face. You could trip and a kart could run into you and make you bleed. Now, why would a mother not like you in the middle of the race track at the beginning, when everyone is out to win? Maybe it is because she loves you!!!!!!!!


  2. He can take a hit too. Remember NorCal.

  3. That was such a close call there last year! I'm glad I can jump high.

  4. Phew, I shouldn't ever take the job of flagman (or flagwoman)! I'm such a slow runner, even a few toddlers managed to outrun me. (... not a joke sadly)
    Those drivers would have to slow down before they can really start if I would be there! xD