Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

Today is one of the days I look forward most to as a tradition that started about four years ago continues on.

Yes, today is the day my mom arrives in Indianapolis from Rapid City. As exciting as that may sound, it is not the highlight of the day as it is the process of picking her up that is fun (sorry mom!).

It wil begin with a trip with my sister and nephew to Noble Roman's on 10th St. After that we'll drive by the house we lived in up until 1991, then we'll drive by the elementary school and probably discuss the tyrant we had as an art teacher. After that we'll slowly make our way to the airport and wait for mom to get in while drinking some Starbucks hot chocolate, or at least that's what I will be drinking.

To you this may not seem like a fun day, but I do look forward to this all year long. The routine of it is simply awesome. This may not be the most over the top Christmas traditions, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. mom is on her way!

  2. This is my idea of what 'traditions' are. No grand, splashy something. Tender memories, done at intervals spent with loved ones!
    Nostalgia and making memories for each participant. Thanks for sharing.