Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Numbers of 2011

As with last year, my next to last post of 2011 will involve random numbers from my year. Some numbers are highly relevant, others not so much...

# of miles driven for races and presentations: 16,500

# of miles flown: 18,000

# of presentations given: 107

Highest # of presentations given in one month: 21 (April. I also drive 2,500 miles that month)

# of people at presentations for year: 3888

# of people at my presentations for career: 8,107

# of blog views this year, as of 12/29/11: 62,110! (Thanks everyone!!!)

Largest presentation: 300 (at a school district)

Most viewed blog post: “The Power of One” (3,000+ views)

Most viewed month: April with 10,117 views

# of hate mail received: 0! That compares to 2 last year.

# of time disappointed in weather forecasts: 2. Seriously, don’t give a blizzard warning and say that the snowpocalypse is coming when in the end we get a dusting!

# of horses hit: 0

# of times recognized in general public: 1 and it still ranks as one of my favorite moments of 2011

# of juries sat on: 1 and it ranks as one of my least favorite memories of 2011. I still will talk about this case to anyone who will listen to me.

# of times lost due to GPS: Way too many. I’m never listening to my GPS again if it says to, “take a left onto Pig’s Hollar.”

# of times moved: 1, and I hope to never move again. What a nightmare!

# of innings pitched in the majors: 0.00, and it was just one pitch (an opening pitch) but Fredbird called it a strike so I would like to think that I retired with a perfect record. I’d also like to think that my pitch in April was such an inspiration that the Saint Louis Cardinals fed upon that all year to win the World Series… okay, so maybe they didn’t, but let me have my 10 seconds of glory!

# of airports I visited that I didn’t like: 2; LAX and LA Guardia, at least the parts I was in, felt more like a prison. Maybe it was just my terminal, but I was not impressed. The Grand Junction airport put all others to shame!

# of counties that I gave a presentation to: 28

Longest presentation: 3.5 hours

# of NHL players I played golf with: 1

# of race events flagged: 20

#of Canadians annoyed by my music/singing while I drive: 1 (sorry Rob!)

# of hurricanes encountered: 1 (Irene)


  1. How about the number of comments that annoyed you? And also your favorite comment of the year?

  2. How about the number of comments that annoyed you? And also your favorite comment of the year?