Monday, January 16, 2012

Drive Thru Drama

I'm in Joplin today, drove down yesterday, but I want to go back to an event that happened on Saturday. It was lunch time and I am getting souped out (by the way, I am leaning towards a special cooking post when I have the time with the format either being a minute by minute live updates, or maybe even a string of video blogs... I haven't decided but from all the comments I got this cooking thing seems popular.) so I went to a drive thru to pick up some Italian food.

While leaving my house I realized I needed my wallet and phone so I went to the basement to get them and I picked my phone up and saw that I still had a candle lit. It's an odd thing, but right now I'm on a kick of liking the smell of candles, but I remember my mom always telling me, "Aaron, never leave the house with a candle lit." I blew the candle out, went up the stairs, and I was off to get lunch.

There was one car in front of me when I got in line so I waited, and then it was my turn to order so I did so and drove up. I checked my phone as I was parked to see if I had any pressing chess moves pending, I did not, and then I went to get my wallet because paying for food is usually the norm. There was just one slight problem... I didn't have my wallet!

This was the 2nd time in a month-and-a-half that I left my place without my wallet. Before these two experiences this had never happened in my life! I can only blame the overwhelming anxiety I am starting to get over what this year may look like for me and all the places I may go, all the places I will speak, and all the posts I will write, and most of all will anyone notice those three things? While that may be what is going on, at that drive-thru it didn't matter as I had ordered food and had no way to pay for it.

"What do I do?" was pounding throughout my brain. I was in crisis mode because I was sure what I had done was up to and on the border of stealing. I started to inch my car out of line, but then that would be really bad, right? I still had time to think and I came up with the great answer of, "I know! I'll go to an ATM! Yes that will work... Oh..."

Time was running out and as the car in front of me pulled away I decided there was only one answer to do. Tell the truth. I pulled up to the window and as I told the manager (I know he was the manager because his name tag said so) that I had forgotten my wallet I was sure there would be some sort of glare, or look of hatred as if I were the scum of the universe or some plague that surely would cause great harm. What was the response? I'm not sure because I talked so fast, but I did say that, "I'd be back in seven minutes."

I rushed home, found my wallet, and drove back. When I ordered again, and it was my same order, the manager replied, "Oh, found your wallet I see." I pulled forward to pay and again, I was expecting some sort of lecture on how what I did was wrong on 27 levels, but I was shocked at the response; he thanked me for being honest and he threw in several extra breadsticks. This was the complete opposite response from what I was expecting as I was sure something truly bad would happen. It didn't though and maybe this is an example that the old adage of, "honesty is the best policy." In any event I hope never to go through this again and I really need to start triple checking to make sure I have my wallet because my lifelong belief that double checking is good enough might be wrong.


  1. Nah... I talk to people for my job every day and these type of things are normal. It's very good that you were honest and things were solved easily. In any case you were probably a breeze of fresh air, since there are a lot of people who'd say 'I forgot my wallet, but I'm not driving all the way back, you figure out a solution' or something like that.
    I don't know for the McDonalds of course, but I meet people like that for my job and for my volunteering at events every day.
    Trust me, your response was very nice and honest. :)

    By the way... You get breadsticks at the McDonalds there? o,0

  2. This was at a place that specializes in fast food Italian and I must say that their breadsticks are the best.