Friday, January 20, 2012

A Funny Photo and I Made the News... Twice!

Okay, I am driving home today for the weekend, back down in Springfield on Sunday, but I wanted to share a couple things.

First, here's a photo that I wanted to have taken, but it isn't every day that I come across the border. Anyway, per the title of my book, I just want to say, "Mission accomplished!"

Also, I made the news two times while in Joplin and if you are interested in seeng those stories the first one can be found HERE, and the second one can be found HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your voice is getting deeper, Aaron. Why did they refer to you as a "Four State Man"?

    Also, please consider educating people on how to refer to a person with autism. The headline in the first video reads "Autistic Man.......". As a parent, many of us find that very offending. It is like refering to an individual who is developmentally challenged as a "Retarded Man". One should put the individual first ahead of the disability. I do not want my son living with a 'label'. You are not an "Autistic Man". You are a man with autism. Autism should not define you first. Aaron Likens is a young man with a great smile, a gift for writing, an avid race fan and he has autism. Does that make sense?

    How many others out there find the term "Autistic child/man" insulting?

    I love it when I see you speaking to kids.

  2. I'm not sure why it was four states. That's the name of the news so perhaps it's in reference to MO, OK, KS, and AR all tohether.

    Also, I have no control over what they run or how they run it. Myself, I don't really care if I'm referred to as autistic or a person with autism. I'm me and I see what I am as a simply that. Most of the time I see what I have as a gift so there is no phrasing of the term autism that will offend me because either way it's phrased is the same and doesn't change the fact that I am on the autism spectrum.

  3. I do respond negatively to 'autistic man/woman', but that's not because I think badly of my Autism, but because it immediatly seems to define me. If people introduce me first with all my characteristics and later mention I have Autism, I seem to be treated differently then when they immediatly say I'm Autistic.
    I don't know if that's just me, but it does feel that way. So I'm not ashamed of my Autism or anything, but I do feel there's a difference in response. Because of this I prefer 'Man/Woman with Autism' over 'Autistic man/woman'.

    But I don't get angry at people saying 'Autistic man/woman', I simply tell them 'yup, but that's not all I am'. Usually they respond with 'oh of course not, you're you, we were simply on the subject'. :) So that's a positive thing. :)