Thursday, January 12, 2012

Handling a Bad Day

First, let me say that, in the grand scheme of things, yesterday wasn't that bad. What I mean by that was there was no great tragedies and there will be no impacts that have the word "forever" in it. That being said yesterday was still a crummy day.

It started in the morning as I overslept by 10 minutes and I had a training I had to get across town. I rushed out of the house and forgot a bank slip I need to turn in and when I got on the interstate that was an accident ahead so that further delayed me.

Thankfully, I made it to the place in time and as I walked in I had a sinking feeling. I mean, so far nothing went smoothly so it felt like one of those days. Once inside I saw no one and about 10 minutes later I saw someone I knew and they informed me there was no such training.

After the the highlight of my day came when I went to the DMV. Yes, you know it's a bad day when the only thing that goes smoothly is a trip to the DMV. I had to renew my license and I was in and out in five minutes. Something like that never happens.

From there I headed to the office and wrote my blog. One of the highlights of my day is clicking the "share" button to post the link to my Facebook wall. Even this went awry yesterday as I can no longer share my blog because it is "unsafe and/or spammy" in the eyes of Facebook. The rest of the day I tried to figure out how to fix this problem but nothing worked. In doing web searches I did find out that I'm not the only one who is having this problem. Nonetheless the fear that this is a terminal problem is scary because word of mouth is huge in getting people to read my blog and Facebook is the #1 people find my blog so, yeah, this put me in a sour mood.

Once I got home I was ready to put the hijinks of the day behind me. Remember yesterday's blog post about iRacing mishaps? The trend continued with three different races ending early due to no fault of my own.

Then, right before I went to sleep, Travis and I went onto NHL to continue our month of dominance, but in both games we did his internet failed in the 1st period of each game giving us a loss each game. Travis made a joke at my Facebook post earlier in the day in that I said, "Everything I touch today seems to somehow go bad" so he blamed me for his internet. He was probably right.

So that was my day. I've never been the best at dealing with situations when things don't go according to plan let alone the whole day going awry.  At about 7:00 last night I did lose my cool for a while after being taken out a second time on iRacing. Yes, I know it is just a "game" but knowing it and having it happen are two different things. Whatever my mind is focused on becomes the only thing that matters. This is one reason as to why people on the spectrum can get so frustrated when things don't go exactly right.

I kept my bitter mood up until about 9 last night when something broke my mental focus on iRacing. I checked the "Grow Saint Louis" contest that I have been asking you to vote in (to vote follow the instructions on the upper right)  and TouchPoint is up to 3rd! There's still a long ways to go, but seeing that and knowing the support that will come from finishing in the top three put the day in perspective. In the grand scheme of things what does that virtual race that I got wrecked in, okay, the three races I got wrecked in mean? What did the trip across town mean? Six months from now the only remembrance of those events will be on here and I doubt I will ever read this post. However, we're in the top 3 now! The impact that will come from spreading autism awareness and understanding will last a lifetime from each and every person we can reach and it is that which matters most. So, if you haven't voted today please do so and I'm hoping today goes better but it's already off to an odd start. A few days ago there was no snow forecasted and it snowed today, my front drive is a solid sheet of ice, and a doctor's office we were supposed to visit called and said there staff isn't quite at the office yet due to the very hazardous conditions. Okay, today might just be like yesterday and I should just go to sleep. See you tomorrow world!

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