Monday, January 2, 2012

Resetting the Stage

Welcome to 2012! This time of year used to depress me to a staggeringly unimaginable low. The reason for this was that I saw each new year as another reminder that my life was going nowhere. Now I see it as a challenge to do more than I did last year.

Today is special day for me as I reset my map of Missouri which represents the counties I have spoken in. The map on the left is my 2010 map and the one of the right is 2011. While I should be proud of these today they mean nothing.This is a new year and what I did last year doesn't matter. If I were to rest on what I have done then the passion would disappear.

Autism awareness and understanding is a ongoing battle and with the numbers of those on the spectrum increasing so to does the amount of people that will come across those on the spectrum. I think back to when I was diagnosed 8 years ago and the fact that no one I knew could describe what autism was. For me, the only thing I knew about it was that it was talked about on 20/20 or Dateline NBC once a year.

Times have changed and the need for knowledge is supremely vital. The past month I have heard from several people, and seen in the news, autism horror stories of a store doing something wrong, or a teacher doing everything wrong in dealing with a person on the spectrum. While our voice on the spectrum is increasing it still hasn't reached everywhere. This is why I can't rest on previous years results.

Last year at this time I received an energy boost from the fact that I was starting over in a way. I feel this way again this year. I'm overly excited for the multiple presentations I have this week and also excited for the upcoming blog posts that I have the ideas for.

So once again welcome to the new year! I look forward to bringing you as much information as I can supply and I hope to reach more parents, teachers, and doctors than last year. Right now though the stage has been reset and the map is empty.


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  1. I would love to hear you speak. So I'm hoping to see you come to Stoddard County this year.