Monday, January 30, 2012


If this were to have happened three years ago, or when I was in school, it would have been a cause for celebration. However, times have changed and this is not cause for a celebration and it had me worried all day yesterday and today. What is it? A sore throat. Yes, right now I have one of the sorest throats I have ever had. Speaking hurts greatly and as this started to hurt on Saturday I barely made it through my presentation.

I find it weird how things change. Years ago this would have been a dream because I either got to miss school and/or I didn't have to talk. Speaking was something I never really enjoyed doing unless it was talk about auto racing. Conversations were never easy because I was like an engine whose timing was off. I always did try, but I never could get in at the right time, or when I did I was off topic. So, when I was ill, no one expected me to join in the conversation and there was such a sense of safety in this.

Times have changed though and there is nothing I look forward to more than a presentation. I am thankful this didn't occur last week as I had seven presentations in six days, but still I do have one presentation scheduled tomorrow and I don't know if my voice will allow it. It's amazing how things can change over time and what I hated to do the most growing up is now my job, career, and passion and right now I am all but silenced.

I spent the greater part of yesterday in bed and I thought on how much life can change. Never would I have thought that I, of all people, would be a speaker and that people would want to hear what I have to say. This is a big week for me as I deal with my upcoming birthday (I hate birthdays!) and this is a week of reflection. While resting yesterday I was simply amazed as I thought of just how much I feared being silenced. Even if I were to miss one presentation that is one too many. I know I much have said this many times in this short post, but times change; I guess you could say I have found my voice and now that my voice is all but gone I am not liking it one bit. Well, I should probably finish this and get home to rest up so wish me luck that I feel better by tomorrow.


  1. Aaron,

    Please get checked for strep-because it sounds like what you have & you need some meds to get over it! Don't want you out for too long! Take good care & get better soon!

    Cheryl from the MU Thompson Center