Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sounds of Life, or rather The Sounds of a Washer/Dryer

Typically, when I remember to say it during presentations, I will mention all the noises that are within the room I am presenting in. I also say, and the audience usually agrees, that they had not heard all the noises until I mentioned them. A lot of us have on the spectrum have heightened senses and with sounds I am very keen on hearing things others don't. This played a major part in my day yesterday.

It all started at 2:45AM Monday morning at the hotel I was staying in. There could be multiple things in play here as I am getting a bit sick and when I don't I get even more sensitive, or the hotel had the worse sound insulation of all time. Anyway, someone was doing laundry in the guest washer/dryer and the noise of that was like a roaring car out of my front door. I tried to go back to sleep after it woke me up but then I started hearing snoring, then some more, and eventually it became a chorus of five different people snoring.

I tried to go back to sleep but each time I was on the edge of it there would be some noise that caught my attention and I would be back awake. Eventually, at 3:45, I turned on the television and at 4:45 I was eating breakfast at Waffle House.

About an hour after the started to come up I went up to Carl Junction for my presentations. I was highly tired, but being tired often adds an unique twist to my presentations so I had a fun time presenting through wanting to go to sleep.

Over the course of the day I wondered what I could do about my hotel issues. All my choices I came up with required me to say something to someone and this isn't easy for me. Also, I was truly very tired and by 7:15PM I was asleep, but I wouldn't be for long.

At 9:00PM the washer/dryer was being used again. I was tired enough before to sleep through the constant footsteps and water faucets which were louder than other hotels, but as soon as I was awake all the noises became loud and had the dissonance of hearing 10 different symphonies at once. I looked at the clock and knew that another night of no sleep would be very bad. At this same time my dad called and I didn't answer because I was trying hard to go back to sleep,   20 minutes later I did call back and we discussed my options as to what I could do. Of all the options I didn't want to do anything because every option required me making a decision that would create a change.

For several minutes I was firm that I would just have to tough it out. Then, the symphony of snores starter up and I had had enough. I quickly began packing and I didn't care where I was going so long as it wasn't at this place with the thinnest walls in the world.

Last night's sleep was great in the hotel I am at now. I now have a much greater appreciation of the importance of a stable, silent environment to sleep in. I did say the walls were thin, but maybe my hearing is just too sensitive for those walls. Perhaps others sleep just fine there, but I couldn't the same way I can't sleep in a car or a plane. For now though I am rested and ready to take on the day and the presentation I have later today.


  1. Me having Asperger's and being Chronicly Fatigued, know exactly what you mean... Only, when I can't sleep for a night, it means I'm stuck to bed the whole day.
    So yes, a quiet sleeping room is very important. At conventions I can actually get very angry at people making too much noise around sleeping areas. Usually I don't like saying something about these things either, but seeing the consequences I face if I don't, I'm forced to speak up.

  2. My daughter hates loud noises...but she sleeps like a log. The thunder that woke the rest of us up...she didn't hear a thing.