Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tired of Tires

In terms of tires 2011 was not a good year for me. The flat fun began almost one year ago today with an ill-fated trip to the office and then later in the year I had another flat tire. With so much "fun" with flats in 2011 who shouldn't 2012 start the same way?

I had a presentation at a middle school and spoke to the student council, which was a much different audience than I'm used too but I think I survived, but as I left the building and saw my car the all too familiar sight was there. My right rear tire was as flat as flat could be and a slight panic set it.

Now, I said just a slight panic. This is a gigantic leap ahead of the previous year's flats because in both of last year's flats I was alone, and in one instance I wasn't even in my car. This time though, thankfully, I was not on the road yet and in a parking lot and I had two other coworkers from TouchPoint.

What made last years experience so awful was the fact that I was alone in both instances. My mind got to racing on so many "what if's" that I didn't know which way up was as I was so blinded by my own mind. Yesterday though I had just a little bit of direction with those around me.

We went to go get an air pump and then we came back, filled up the tire, and then I made my way to a garage. Thankfully the tire maintained its air to the garage and then I waited to see if I needed new tires of it is was simply an easy repair. I was told by many people that since the tornado the amount of flats in Joplin have skyrocketed and sure enough I had a bolt or nail in my tire, but it was an easy fix and while I may have been oer two hours delayed I was then on my way to Springfield.

So, this wasn't much of a story, was it? For that I am thankful and it is in the lack of drama that makes this story relevant. If you go back and read the other two blogs, and then read this one, the difference is as far away as possible. In times when things go slightly askew just having a bit of support, and an air pump, goes a long way.

I hope history doesn't repeat itself. I am tired of dealing with tires and three in one year is enough. Someone told me to "check my alignment" but it has been three tires on a total of three different vehicles. Another person told me though that if I didn't have flats, "What would you write about?" Trust me when I say I could find something to talk about, but the last thing, moving forward, that I want to talk about are flat tires. I mean, if I have to write about tires one more time it surely would... would... take the air right out of me. ( ha ha... sorry, couldn't help that one.)


  1. You need AAA. They will change your flat.

  2. I do have AAA but calling them is never easy and then they say it will be 30-180 minutes and that wide window always scares me.

  3. Always assume it's the longer time (plus some) and then when they get there sooner...even if you can't handle the surprise of that (I mean, I would be shocked if they were quick)...your car is fixed.