Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Trip to the Eye Doctor

I've been putting it off for quite some time. I've needed to go, but I always found an excuse to get out of it, but today, as I was driving by Wal-Mart, I finally caved in so I went in to get my eyes checked.

My last eye exam was in June of 2010 when I got my reflective sunglasses, but I've needed a new pair of normal glasses for about a year. "Why delay?" you ask. While I may always dislike social situations I actually have a phobia of the eye doctor.

This phobia started in 4th grade when I got my eyes checked for the first time. It was test after test and then the final test was this contraption that I put my eyes up to and then, without warning, a puff of air was dispensed towards my eye. I believe this made me spring back and I fell out of the chair. If that wasn't bad enough I was told, "now the next eye." I can remember crying at hearing that because the pain was so great and I wanted to do anything, well, I wanted to leave rather than experience that again.

Since then I have realized I have very sensitive eyes. Is it cause by being on the spectrum? I'm not sure, but I do know, about three years ago, when I tried to have contact lenses, if someone would have video taped me trying to put the contacts in it would be one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Honestly, the amount of squirming I did defies what you think is humanly possible.

So today, I did go and get my eyes checked and at all the previous doctors I've been too I have not had that puff of air machine. That is until today. The lady said, "no we'll just put a puff of air in each eye..." and I instantly backed away from the machine and stated that this would not be a good idea. She mentioned that it is needed to, "check for glaucoma" and I still said no and that if we went through with it I'd probably end up on the floor. She insisted on doing it, but I was even more firm in not doing it, which is unusual because I hate to not follow directions, but I didn't want to relive the agony I had from 4th grade.

So that was my trip to the eye doctor. I can't wait to get my new glasses because my vision is slightly different and the slight haziness of small letters has been annoying me. As for me, today, I've got to get ready for my presentation tonight so I must end this here.


  1. Oh God, I hate the eye doctor... Luckily I don't need to go there anymore! We have free check-ups at the optician to see if we need a new strength of glasses, which is simply reading letters and a big thing which lets you see through different kinds of glasses and you can say whether it's better or not.
    I don't need to get check-ups on other things in my eyes anymore. :)
    But this sensitivity to the eyes is something we've noticed here at home too. I'm very sensitive to my eyes as well. I can't put make-up around them, because it'll sting like hell, even if it's a bit away from my eyes, and I'll have a shock-reflex of scaring away from the make-up. (This is just as well, since I dislike make-up)
    Also, I wouldn't even dream of putting lenses in, since I'm sure I would've the same reaction as you did. Everything near/in/at/whatever my eyes that isn't my glasses will have a bad effect on me.

    A few years ago my brother had a girlfriend with exactly the same problem. Even worse, you couldn't even hold a hand about 10 cm (about 5 inches, it's an estimate anyways), before her eyes without causing a shock-relfex.
    We asked her when she got her glasses and she said around when she turned 3.
    This is also when I got my glasses. We asked around with other people with glasses and it turned out that more people who had their glasses around the age of 3 had the sensitivity than people who had it from around 6 years and older.
    Now my question is... When did you get your glasses? Because we might be onto something.

  2. There is a different test that can be done to check for glaucoma. It involves putting a numbing drop in each eye and then a machine lightly touches each eye to measure the pressure inside. It feels kind of strange, but the shock of getting a puff of air on your eye doesn't happen. That they feel numb for awhile is an odd feeling. I hate the shock of air thing too, Aaron.

  3. It wasn't until I was 18 that I actually got glasses. I think I needed them before but I finally justified them because I thought customers at where I worked would trust me more if I had glasses. My sales increased so I think I was right.

  4. Okay, then maybe it IS the Autism... Most of my friends have Autism and I suspect my brother's ex of having some form of Autism too... I guess we'll never know.

    (Something unrelated that I wanted to tell Aaron: I got fired last tuesday, because they didn't have any fitting work for me... Because of the combination of my Autism and Chronic Fatigue it's very hard to think of tasks to do for me. I now have no idea what job I should do, seeing this isn't it either. I'm lost.)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss, Issha. You'll find what your meant to be doing when the timing is right. Hang in there!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss, Issha. You'll find what your meant to be doing when the timing is right. Hang in there!