Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dealing with Dealers

I think this is one every motorists nightmares; having to take a car in to the dealer. I did so on Thursday for matinence and an alignment and finally got my car back yesterday. As they were going over the bill I noticed that they did a repair on something they did not have my approval on but I said nothing.

For five minutes papers were shown to me on what they did and why and the only thing I wanted to do was to leave. Talking/listening in that forum is way too much for me and eventually, and after many dollars later, I was out the door.

From one door to my car door I opened my car and was instantly apalled as the weather stripping for my door was not destroyed and grease was everywhere. I wouldn't expect this from a single mechanic garage much less a high end dealer.

I was angry but I was about to drive off when Greg, my car advocate, told me to go back in and complain. Normally I would not do this because dealing with a damaged product, regardless of how much money it could cost me, is easier than dealing with a personal interaction. However, I was still, and still am as I write this today, angry from the events in yesterday's blog post that I walked back into that dealer, angry, and seeking justice... or at least someone to clean my car and talk about the repair that they weren't supposed to do.

Complaining was actually easier then I expected, or maybe it was look of anger on my face, but I was instantly handed over to the manager who, without me having to explain too much, took off the repair that I didn't want. Also, he all but snapped his fingers and a crew went to clean the grease.

Flash forward to today and a new problem has arose. Driving to the office I noticed a noise in the steering wheel that had never been there before. It isn't quite a grinding noise but there is certainly more friction while turning. Also, that repair that they weren't supposed to do? Yeah, whatever they did made it worse so instead of a noise at 2,500RPM that only I was able to hear (the catyalytic converter heat shield was loose) it now makes a loud noise anywhere between 2200-3500RPM. What does this mean? Well, perhaps the worst news of my day because in a short while I'm going back and once again I'm going to have to deal with the dealer. Time to put the anger face on.

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