Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Hole in the Neighborhood

Yesterday I went to the Saint Louis Blues hockey game (here's a shout to the person who gave me the tickets... you're the best!) and I took my step-brother. It had been a while since I was in the neighborhood that I was in before I moved out on my own and there was a change I saw on the way to the game.

I wanted to stop at 7-11 and get some gum, and some change for the parking meters and as I was coming up to it I noticed something wrong; the 7-11 at Chippewa and Brannon was boarded up. I was so excited to go back there as I had been going there since 1993 and now it was gone. I have so many memories there such as back in the day when they had pinball. I'm sure my dad has nightmares from the time the Star Trek The Next Generation pinball game was there because I could go 90 minutes on 50 cents.

As I drove by I was so saddened; this place was now a shell of its former self. I'm sure others will miss it for the ability to shop there, but it was much more for me. For one, I have worried that when I left home that the places I knew would become lost to time. Change is hard for me and to see change well after the fact is hard. The places I remembered are changing and to see it, well, is sad.

I hate change. Hate it with a passion, and I'm worried that the next time I go back another place that I have memories will be deleted from existence. You see, being able to go to the places, such as this 7-11, keeps all the memories alive. Each time I went in I would remember all the mornings I came in to get a Red Bull on my way to flag and race direct the Saint Louis Karting Association, or the mornings I would stop by on my way to another race, or a presentation, or somewhere, but all the memories were kept in track by being able to go to the where the memories happened. As I said, most people won't have any emotional reaction to a place, a place such a 7-11, but one of the quirks of being on the spectrum is that I do. Time will continue to march forward and things will continue to change. Buildings will be built, places of business will open, and buildings will be razed and businesses will close. If there is one constant in life it is that change is. As true as that is I still will resist it and when it does happen, well, I'm glad I have this blog to make a small memorial of places that, to most people, are nothing but to me they mean so much.


  1. Man your blog always reminds me of the little things in life that I never really notice until you mention them. I was almost devastated when the Taco Bell near my house shut down - I remember at the end of the school year my friends and I would take the bus there and have a giant feast. I've lived in my house for 18 years, and can remember riding my bike in a dirt field that would eventually become a giant neighbourhood.

  2. I dealt with this when I went back to Hong Kong this past winter break. There were some changes to the streets around the neighborhood I grew up in. Some new businesses opened and some old businesses closed. I was able to cope by using what I learned from my undergrad business classes- businesses can turnover... it maybe because the businesses can are no longer financially operational, it maybe because the businesses needed to save cost, etc.