Monday, February 20, 2012

Music as a Writing Aid.

This week was a big week for me back to 2005 as I wrote a good chunk of chapters that would eventually go into Finding Kansas. While, once I started to write, the words came easy I always needed help to get the snowball running. Back then I could stare at the computer screen for an hour and nothing would happen. However, I found a trick that somehow bypassed the block in my brain. What was it? Music.

And this music wasn't just any music. I have the music from Gran Turismo to thank for helping me write. Each night as I was wanting to write I would put in GT4, go the classical music, and off I went. It was the same play list each night and the first song in the list was Air on G String by Bach and there was something about that song that just let me emotions flow.

I always knew that my emotions were there but processing them and expressing them were always difficult and more often than not impossible. There's something about music though that allows me to access the emotions. It's always been that way and maybe this is why I am so private with my music likes. I always thought it had to do with the "associative memory system" but maybe also it has to do with the strong emotions evoked by music. Whatever the case may be even now, when I'm suffering a writer's block, all I need to do is listen to the right songs and the words simply flow without effort.

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  1. Oh, very recognisable... I don't like telling people I know this though, since they usually have the annoying habit of suddenly reading into every song I listen to. They try to see what the song is about and then guess what's on my mind.
    You know, sometimes I just want to listen to a song and that's all...