Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Weeks...

The homestretch is being reached! In just two weeks "Finding Kansas" will be rereleased. As the day approaches it still doesn't seem real. It also doesn't seem real that I will be embarking on the Autism Awareness Tour of America.

I've had an extremely busy month and for that I am thankful because if it was a slow month I would be going bonkers thinking about everything that is about to, and could, happen. I mean, I still don't believe it; I don't believe any of it despite the fact that I've held the new edition of my book. Also, I don't believe that I am going on this speaking tour across America despite the fact that my dad informed me yesterday that, "90% of the speaking venues are set and we're close to releasing the dates, places, and times of presentations." Yes, despite all that it still doesn't seem real.

I've always been like this; when I got my first go-kart my dad bought the chassis first so I still had doubt that I'd ever race because it didn't have an engine. Once the engine was bought I was sure I would never race because I didn't have a helmet or suit. Once those were purchased I had doubts because I didn't know if it would roll. A couple weeks later I drove it in a parking lot and still had doubts because I was sure I would never be on a race track. Several weeks after that I had my first practice on the track, but it wasn't a race and racing was still three weeks away so I was sure it would never happen. Once the race happened I still had doubts because I was sure I was dreaming. Bottomline, I still can't imagine all that has happened to set this tour up let alone a division of Penguin publishing my book.

The week ahead for me is frantic, and that is good because it will further my distraction from the thoughts of April. I have a presentation at the city TouchPoint office and after that I am back on the road headed to Nashville for the fourth USAC Generation Next series race in as many weeks.

For my blog next week I might do a reboot of sorts meaning that I am sure I will be getting a lot of new traffic, and with the rerelease coming up I think I might devote the week to setting up who I was, the diagnosis, and how I got to this point. This isn't solid, but it is something I might just do.

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