Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I woke up feeling overwhelmed; to be on the edge of something so big is somewhat, well, overwhelming. I sat down at my computer and I tried to write, but nothing was happening so I decided I needed to do something to distract myself.

The weather in Saint Louis has been amazing and I joked yesterday that, as Spring started yesterday, the season went from summer to spring. That being the case I decided that golf would be the best thing to do because golf is a very easy sport to get distracted by due to the high level of difficulty.

I drove past a couple courses yesterday afternoon and they were packed. Last year I had several posts regarding how I love the solitude of golf and last May I had a run in with two different foursome of old men. That being the case I decided to head out to Deer Creek near House Springs as the course, being out of the metro area, is usually not all that crowded.

My round started off shaky as I forgot how to drive the ball and my slice was the stuff that legends are made out of. By hole eight though I figured it out (I had to much weight on my back foot) and by hole 12, for the first time in my life, I figured out how to use the pitching wedge (I always thought it was rocket science... it isn't.)

Hole 16 rocked me again and I had a high level of distraction as I could not hit the ball straight. I was thinking about just driving back to the clubhouse and calling it a day, but the allure of a par 3 sparked my interest so I decided to do it.

The wind was brisk all day and on the #17 tee box the winds began to howl. I took my 9 iron out for this 128 yard hole and put the ball on the tee and took my customary one practice swing. I then lined up and swung at it and the ball went skyward.

Right away I knew I hit it good. The line with the wind looked good and I thought I had the correct power. The ball landed in front of the hole on the left side and was on line with the hole, it then took a bounce, and then it disappeared. I knew the line was correct, but I didn't believe what I was seeing; I mean, a hole in one? That's something that only happens to movie stars, PGA players, and movie stars in movies. So I said aloud, "Did that just happen?"

I didn't know what to do. Honestly, I was frozen. Do I jump? Do I scream? This is what every golfer plays for and it happened as if it were nothing. It all happened so fast, so sudden, and so unexpectedly. After staring at the green I ran to my golf cart to call my dad and I informed him of what happened and sort of was hoping he would tell me what to do. I then sent numerous texts and was asked, "Did anyone see it?" Uh oh!

Despite if there was a witness or not I walked to the hole with the confidence of a person that, well, just got a hole in one and I stood over the hole a took a picture with my phone.

As I was playing hole 18 I once again sliced it like there was no tomorrow and a manager type guy found me and gave me a discount on my next round due to a couple greens being sandy as I played through. I then informed him of my feat and he told he would look into it and to state this at the club house.

If I had any confidence in my golf game after the hole in one the final hole humbled me once more. I still had a bogey, but it was a sloppy one at that. I then got a text from someone letting me know that I need to keep the ball that I got the hole in one with. Thankfully I didn't hit the ball into the water on 18 because I was still using it.

I got to the clubhouse and informed the manager lady that I had got the hole in one and thankfully someone else had saw it... THERE WAS A WITNESS AND IT WAS OFFICIAL. She took my information and signed off on it so here it is, proof, that on March 21, 2012 I did what many people never do in a lifetime. I got an ace!

By tomorrow's blog post I should be in a position to release some of the dates and times and venues of my Autism Awareness Tour of America.

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  1. WOW what can be said after that and you wrote it as if the reader was there too. Thank you for that and I am so glad there was a witness as it would almost be hard to believe yourself. I am proud of you for letting them know as well, as a few years you would not have be able to. You have grown. I remember well when you got your first perfect game in bowling too. wow