Thursday, March 22, 2012

Autism Awareness Tour: Provisional Schedule

It's getting even closer! It's getting more and more real by the second and if I could bounce of the walls I would be doing so right now.

I do have a tentative list where I will be and when. This list is not the finalized version and once everything becomes finalized I will list the places, dates, and phone numbers for RSVPing. But here's what we've got right now:

April 5: New York City (Brookville)
Date TBD: Indianapolis
April 9: Fort Wayne
April 11: Chicago
April 13: Saint Louis
April 16: Topeka
April 18: Denver
April 23: Phoenix
Apil 25: Las Vegas
April 28: San Fransisco
May 1: Los Angeles
May 3: Irvine

As of now that's the list. Again, this is not the finalized list. Some of these dates might change, but I wanted to get some information out there. As soon as everything becomes solid I will give the times of each presentation and locations.

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  1. Good luck and (most important) have fun! =D